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clean julep PAM

    • Sugar Refinery For PAM
      Sugar Refinery For PAM

      USE: In the sugar factory to make sugar beet or sugar cane juice clarification with polyacrylamide, added to the PAM juice, will occur agglutination. PAM in the sugar factory where there are sugar extraction, sugar...

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    • Starch Factory Dedicated PAM
      Starch Factory Dedicated PAM

      Polyacrylamide referred to as PAM, commonly known as flocculant or coagulant, sub-cation, anion and non-ionic, molecular 500-18 million between the product appearance of white particles, soluble in water. Especially...

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    • Alkaline Wastewater with PAM
      Alkaline Wastewater with PAM

      Alkaline wastewater with PAM The number one producer for the alkaline sewage is rendering plant. During the Petroleum refining process, it creates alkaline sewage with large amount of sulfides and phenols. We often...

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    • The Tanneries Dedicated PAM
      The Tanneries Dedicated PAM

      Leather waste water mainly contains animal oil, collagen, animal fiber, plant fiber, no solid and other organic matter concentration, sulfur, chromium and other harmful ions, is a more difficult to deal with light...

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    • Slaughterhouse For PAM
      Slaughterhouse For PAM

      Cationic polyacrylamide CPAM slaughterhouse meat factory waste water Slaughter house is one of the waste water industrial which is heavily polluted and discharge,it contains a lot of fat, protein, blood, feces and...

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    • Quality Slaughterhouse For PAM Made In China
      Quality Slaughterhouse For PAM Made In China

      PAM is a commonly used non-ionic polymer flocculant, molecular weight 1.5 million -20 million, the product concentration is generally 8%. Organic macromolecule flocculants have a large surface adsorption effect...

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