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Xinxiang Boyuan Water-purifying Materials Co., Ltd. The Tenth Anniversary Of Water Purification Plant

- Sep 13, 2017 -

Organized by the business management of the Bo Yuan anniversary of the factory activities in the administrative floor of the playground kicked off. Cattle total, Xiao total, often the head of the department heads and other leaders at the scene for the staff cheer. This event is equipped with tug of war, breath rope, together to play balloons, basketball, chess and other entries. I saw the playground on the staff full of energy, posture vigorous, bravely first, high morale, leaving a picture of moving deep. Tug of war is a group project, the team members work together, the heart to a thought, to a force, for the team honor to make every effort, won by Zhang Wei team; work together after a round of fierce competition, the team's full cooperation , Champion by Huang Sixian and Xie Haitao get; breath rope jumped by Du Haixia, basketball game after the fierce competition from the administrative team to obtain, chess champion: Diao director. Prizes are: first prize: stainless steel soup pot, second prize: high-grade insulation Cup, third prize: hair dryer, commemorative awards: sets of cups / watches.

The event not only exercise the body, enhance the staff friendship, but also show the company employees youthful vitality. Everyone forge ahead in unity, the spirit of hard work, love of work, love life optimistic and positive complex, will work for the future development of the infinite power for the development of Bo Yuan water purification

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