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What Is The Main Role Of Polyacrylamide In Wastewater Treatment And Papermaking Applications In Paper Mills

- Oct 26, 2017 -

The application of polyacrylamide in the field of papermaking, widely used as a resident, filter aid, the average agent. Its role is: to improve the quality of the paper to improve the slurry dehydration performance, improve the retention of small fibers and fillers to reduce the consumption of raw materials and environmental pollution and so on. The effect of polyacrylamide in the papermaking field depends on its average molecular weight, ionic properties, ionic strength, and other copolymer activity. Nonionic polyacrylamide is mainly used to improve the pulp filter, increase the strength of dry paper, improve the retention of fiber and filler; anionic polyacrylamide is mainly used as paper wet and dry enhancers and resident; cationic Polyacrylamide is mainly used for papermaking wastewater treatment and filter effect, in addition to improve the retention rate of filler also have a good effect. In addition, polyacrylamide is also used in papermaking wastewater treatment and fiber recovery.

Polyacrylamide in the paper industry generally have two kinds of practical state, one is the role of environmental protection; this environmental role is generally reflected in the retention of pigments and their filler retention rate, which is to reduce the raw materials in the production process caused by the loss of Environmental pollution. The other is to improve the flexibility of the paper, this use is generally refers to polyacrylamide in paper can improve the paper strength, can make the paper has a porous, but also make the paper more tear, follow the paper visual effects, the other Printing performance will be improved to varying degrees. With the development of the paper industry, the actual use of polyacrylamide in the paper industry is also increasing.

The use of polyacrylamide can also promote the gel, improve the surface properties of paper such as porosity, optical parts, printing and so on. Polyacrylamide for long fiber paper suspension dispersant, can help promote the long fiber in the paper when the dispersion, increase the stability of pulp and filler and pigment adhesion. In the pulp and paper industry, PAM can improve the printing performance of paper.

Water purifying agent Polyacrylamide solubility includes two aspects of meaning, one is the speed of the water flocculant dissolved, the second is the water flocculant insoluble content. In general, the higher the molecular weight of the flocculant, the slower the dissolution. Anionic water purifying agent dissolves faster than nonionic water purifying agent. There is also the appropriate increase in dissolved temperature to help speed up the dissolution.


    Water flocculant insoluble content is an important indicator of dry powder products. Synthetic water flocculant, if the conditions of control is not good, there will be a high degree of branch polymerization of the situation, the formation of insoluble small particles of water. If the water flocculant contains too much insoluble, it is easy to produce insoluble agglomerates during preparation, clog the filter and cause breakage or paper on the paper machine. Paper production is more demanding than sewage treatment.


    Commonly used test method is to take 1g of water purification flocculant solid products, dissolved in mass fraction of 1% of the water solution, and then a certain number of mesh screen, leaving the number of insoluble particles on the net is the water flocculant insoluble content. Obviously, the lower the content of the insoluble matter of the flocculant for papermaking is as low as possible.

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