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- Oct 17, 2016 -

1) according to the sludge sludge dehydration can choose the corresponding type of the product can effectively before joining filter press in sludge dewatering, drying, Floc, non-stick filter cloth, filter without bulk, flow mud cake with a thick, high efficiency, mud cake moisture content below 80%.

2) for sewage and wastewater treatment, this product showed a positive electricity in distribution or alkaline medium, on suspended particles with a negative charge of sewage wastewater with flocculation and sedimentation, clarification is very effective. As production food alcohol wastewater, paper wastewater, city sewage processing factory of wastewater, beer wastewater, MSG factory wastewater, sugar wastewater, organic content high wastewater, and feed wastewater, textile dyeing wastewater,, with cation polypropylene n amine to than with Yin ion, and non-ion polypropylene n amine or inorganic salts class effect to high number times or dozens of times times, because this class wastewater General with Yin charge.

3) for river water as water source of water treatment flocculants, less consumption, effective, low cost, particularly inorganic flocculant used better, it will be the treatment of Yangtze River, Yellow River and other river water plant of high efficiency flocculant.

4) paper-strengthening agent and other additives. Improve retention, such as fillers, pigments, the strength of the paper.

5) classics for oilfield auxiliaries, such as clay antiswelling agent, thickening agent used in oilfield acidic.

6) for textile sizing agent, slurry stable performance, little falls pulp, smooth fabric low breakage rate, oil on canvas.

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