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The Effective Disposal Of Sludge Needs To Be Taken Seriously

- Sep 11, 2017 -

The national sewage treatment plant continues to increase, polyacrylamide demand is also growing, which polyacrylamide manufacturers and dealers is a good thing, but the attendant problem is that the sewage treatment plant sludge secondary pollution , These sludge due to the sewage treatment process by adding a cationic polyacrylamide or anionic polyacrylamide and other flocculants, resulting in sludge showed semi-fluid jelly-like, can not naturally dry. Coupled with the sludge generated by the sewage treatment plant is a low calorific value fuel, high water content and perishable, strong odor, containing a lot of dioxin, polychlorinated biphenyls and other difficult to degrade organic matter and pathogens, parasites and so on. If the sludge is simple to handle or any pile, discharge, even if the sewage treatment plant sewage treatment standards, but also continue to transfer pollution.

I learned from the relevant information learned: According to the China Environmental Science Research Institute estimates that by 2010, China's urban sewage treatment plant will produce more than 30 million tons of wet sludge, accounting for China's total annual solid waste emissions of more than 5%.

All over the country are trying to do a good job of "water articles", "green article", but ignored the pollution caused by the second pollution of the sludge, the main reason is the lack of serious awareness of sludge pollution, lack of understanding, I think the need for the corresponding Departments to carry out relevant public welfare activities, etc., to the public popularization of the serious pollution of sludge pollution, improve the public on the secondary pollution of sludge to understand the importance and improve the relevant laws and regulations.

The proper disposal of sludge is imminent, it is understood that the treatment of sludge disposal needs a lot of money to do support. For the current domestic, the wet sludge treatment costs about 300 yuan / ton, wet sludge generated in more than 12 million tons. And most of the sewage treatment plant is difficult to bear a huge sludge disposal costs. According to experts, in economically developed countries, sludge treatment and disposal is an extremely important part of its investment accounts for about 50 to 70% of the total investment in sewage treatment plants. In China, there is also a lack of economic regulation policies related to sludge treatment, which leads to the economic compensation, policy support and adjustment mechanism that can promote the sludge treatment.

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