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The Dark Water Treatment Is Moving Quickly To Get Back On Track

- Aug 30, 2017 -

As of now, more than 44 percent of the 2,100 black and smelly bodies that have been identified in the country have been completed.Among them, the city government of the government and the area of the government leads the country.Next, the management of black and smelly water will continue to advance further and further from the two directions of "cure" and "cure" on the basis of consolidating the existing results.The prevention and control of water pollution is urgent, especially the protection of drinking water and the control of black and smelly water in the city.

At present, using satellite recognition and encourage the masses to report, the human, all kinds of means to qi, the purpose is to find out the black smelly water pollution situation, formulate effective follow-up, targeted treatment solutions.From the changes in the data, it can be seen that the management of black and smelly water in China is progressing rapidly, said jing yuanyuan, director of industry research at E20 research institute.

However, they also found that the management mode of black and smelly water was still dominant in EPC mode, and the penetration rate of PPP projects was low.According to dai xiaohu, dean of the school of environmental science and engineering at tongji university, it is the result of centralized power to mobilize resources.

In the face of 2020, the goal of all urban areas to eliminate black and smelly water will be completely eliminated, and the results of governance will soon be highlighted.But there are concerns in the industry that too fast development may lead to a "cure for the problem". For this point, the industry expert suggests that the ecological management concept should be fully established to ensure that the natural properties of the river body itself will not be destroyed on the basis of the completion of the rigid targets.

At the same time, it is important to be aware of the appearance of the intentional piling of landscape, and pay attention to technical and planning, so as to achieve "one river policy".Of course, it is important to reiterate that "living water" is the ultimate guide, establishing a long-acting supervision mechanism and finally restoring the aquatic ecosystem.Obviously, in the issue of the management of black and smelly water, our country has made good progress in finding reasons, setting up documents, implementing responsibilities, setting goals and taking a series of actions.

In the future, the protection of urban rivers, the ecological protection of drinking water sources and the comprehensive management of the river basin will be fully integrated into scientific, systematic, standardized and long-term management.

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