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The Application Of Polyacrylamide Is Very Broad in The Field Of Agriculture.

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Polyacrylamide enhances soil water retention and fertilizer retention, enhances soil aggregate structure, improves soil permeability and drought resistance, provides relatively favorable conditions for crop growth, significantly promotes crop growth and increases Crop yield. With the irrigation to the surface by spraying 20kg / ha polyacrylamide, wheat production increased by 9.0%.

 The results showed that the application of polyacrylamide could promote the quality of lettuce and barley, and the highest treatment was 4 times higher than that of the control, and the water use efficiency increased by 3 times. The addition of polyacrylamide to potatoes increased the tuber tubing and increased production by 7.6% to 2.5%. The results showed that the water storage capacity of shallow soil increased with the increase of polyacrylamide use during maize growth. The photosynthetic rate, stem and leaf biomass, root biomass, ear biomass, stem diameter, grain yield, With the increase of the amount of polyacrylamide increased; from sowing to maturity, corn water consumption, water use efficiency, water yield was significantly improved. The results show that the application of polyacrylamide in the dryland farming of loess has the effect of improving the economic benefit, which provides the conditions for the large area extension of polyacrylamide.


China's water shortage, serious soil erosion, polyacrylamide used as soil improver, technical operation is simple, convenient, easy to learn, and less investment can directly produce economic benefits, and soil, soil conservation, water conservation, fertilizer and other benefits significantly , Is a new way to increase water production. At present, the application of polyacrylamide in agriculture and forestry has been carried out in depth. Polyacrylamide will become an indispensable material in agroforestry production. It is of great significance. Polyacrylamide has wide application prospect in agriculture.

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