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Soil Humectant Rainwater Or Water Can Be Quickly Absorbed And Kept

- Sep 25, 2017 -

Soil humectant is the agricultural and forestry water-retaining agent, known as plant micro-reservoir, is a unique three-dimensional network of organic polymer polymer. In the soil can rainwater or water to quickly absorb and keep, no loss, and thus ensure that the rhizosphere range of adequate water, slow release for plant use. Its unique water absorption, water storage, water retention performance, in improving the ecological environment, wind and sand fixation play a decisive role in success or failure. Widely used in land desertification control, agriculture and forestry crop cultivation, landscaping and other fields.

This agent is a highly water-absorbing organic molecule having a carboxyl group structure of an ionizable group, a network-like structure in which molecules are crosslinked and polymerized, and a strong hydrophilic group is permeated by an ionic ion concentration Pressure, have a strong association with water.

1. can quickly suck 400 to 500 times the pure water. Can be the previous evaporation, leakage and loss of rainwater or water to absorb water storage, the formation of "micro-reservoir", the release of drought for plant use. Because of its water retention for the 13-14kg / ㎝

2, keep the water does not flow without loss, resistance to external physical pressure, will not be the general physical method of extrusion; and general plant roots of water absorption of 16-17kg / ㎝2, it can be easily absorbed plant roots use.

3. Water, the release of water reversible: the environment for a long time to absorb water, when the water release, so absorbent, water repeated, only a small irrigation or rainfall can be, and is not easy to damage the environment of microorganisms, Three-dimensional structure, which long-term water supply to the plant.

4. Fertilizer, fertilizer: According to the traditional fertilization method, a lot of fertilizer elements due to the decomposition of the sun and rain erosion, too late to be absorbed by the plant to waste. The agent can absorb about 100 times the weight of urea, and fixed in the soil and slow release, can greatly reduce the loss of nutrients, effective diet 20-40%, and the fertilizer period extended.

5. Improved soil: because of its particles after the expansion of water and reduce the release of water, the soil can form pellets porous structure, soft breathable, both to ensure plant demand, but also increase the permeability of clay and sand holding capacity.

6. Safety: PH neutral, no moisture in the release of the material, the environment and plants non-toxic harmless, not with the rain water loss, after years of natural degradation, reduced to ammonia nitrogen, water and a small amount of potassium ions, effective Improved soil.

7. Cooling, insulation: the soil after the incorporation of the agent, due to large water and improve moisture, during the day to reduce the thermal conductivity, resulting in the agent of the soil than the soil without the daytime temperature of 1-4 ℃, At night, the humidity of the soil is strong, so the night temperature is high 2-4 ℃, so that the temperature difference between day and night.

8. Applicability: According to its water retention principle, can be applied to any crop, whether it is agroforestry or green plants.

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