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Product Classification

- Oct 17, 2016 -

1, in accordance with forms: powder and gel divided into two, powder white or gray powder, gel to light yellow, must be dissolved before application, so you must have a good solubility in PAM.

2, according to ion: can be divided into anionic APAM (molecular weight 180.02 billion), cationic CPAM (molecular weight in 10 million), nonionic and zwitterionic Am-PAM NPAM. Powdered solid content is greater than 92%, relative molecular mass of (500-800) x104, colloidal solid content is (8 ± 0.2)%.

Appearance: as a glassy solid (d4231.032). As the PAM chain through the-CONH2 Association, the separation between the chains. PAM higher glass transition temperature, generally greater than 200 ° c.

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