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Precautions For Using Cationic Polyacrylamide

- Jul 19, 2017 -

  Precautions for using cationic polyacrylamide

  Here to introduce cationic polyacrylamide in the use of attention to what issues:

  1, because the cationic polyacrylamide high prices, the use of high cost, so from the point of view of cost savings, we must first test to see if they have to deal with the sewage can be used anionic polyacrylamide or other what cost is relatively small The flocculant is clean and, if not, consider using cationic polyacrylamide. Before using cationic polyacrylamide, do the experiment, according to their own degree of sewage to choose the most appropriate amount of cationic polyacrylamide, so as not to waste.

  2, cationic polyacrylamide in use, without the need to accelerate the dissolution in warm water, cold water can be dissolved.

  3, cationic polyacrylamide usually placed in a cool dry place to store, so as not to form a block.

  Cationic polyacrylamides usually achieve flocculation and clarification by charge neutralization and bridging. Especially for the negative charge of organic colloidal wastewater, such as: dyeing, paper, pulp, food, aquatic products processing, medicine and fermentation, sugar, petrochemical, urban sewage treatment. 

  Used in urban sewage treatment and meat, poultry, food processing waste water sludge sedimentation and dehydration, solid and liquid separation has excellent results, has been widely used. 

  Can be used for paper dry strength agent, retention aid, filter aid  for different sewage and different application process, through the experiment to determine the best dosage to achieve the best results.

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