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PAM Uses Methods

- Oct 17, 2016 -

1. dissolution methods

Before using solids dissolve into 1 ‰ – aqueous solution-concentration of 5 per thousand, in order to rapidly effective. at the time of dosing and dosing mode should be taken gradually, slowly into the water will evenly disperse in water, dissolves.

2. the solution add

Usually add about 0.5 ‰---aqueous solutions of 1 per thousand, but in high concentrations and high viscosity of suspensions, recommends that the water solution further, diluted into 0.1 per thousand, is easy to mix and play its full effect.

3. the cations than anions low molecular weight and viscosity than weak anion, cationic, non-ionic concentration slightly higher standards than the anion. (As the case may be, and also can be adjusted according to the water concentration in the appropriate concentration of high turbidity, low concentration. low turbidity with increasing concentration). it is recommended that concentrations of 5 per thousand--1%.

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