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Pam Product Selection Considerations

- Oct 17, 2016 -

1. the flocculating agent selection must take fully into account the requirements for technology and equipment.

2. can be improved by increasing the molecular weight flocculant Floc strength.

3. charge value must pass the test of flocculant to filter.

4. climate change (temperature) effect of flocculating agent selection.

5. According to the technological requirements of the Floc size select the molecular weight flocculants.

6. before processing sludge and flocculant must fully mixed.

Main use:

The product is water soluble and active on their main chain polymers by acyl, in oil, water treatment, textile printing and dyeing, paper, mineral processing, coal, pharmaceutical, sugar, farming, building materials, agriculture and other industries with a wide range of applications, "a better business environment Assistant", "universal products," said.

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