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Nonionic Polyacrylamide Is A Water-soluble Polymer Or Polyelectrolyte

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Nonionic polyacrylamide is a water-soluble polymer or polyelectrolyte. Because of its molecular chain contains a certain number of polar groups, it can be adsorbed by the water suspended solid particles, so that the particles between the bridge or through the charge and the particles condensed to form a large floc. Therefore, it can accelerate the sedimentation of particles in the suspension, there is a very clear way to speed up the clarification of the solution to promote filtration and other effects. Mainly used for a variety of industrial wastewater flocculation settlement, sediment clarification. Such as paper and pulp wastewater wastewater treatment, mineral processing and metal smelting process of wastewater treatment, steel and stone processing plant wastewater treatment.

The main purpose 

Coal washing: can be used for coal washing tail residue to share, used in coal and slime sedimentation and filtration, can improve the recovery rate of coal and improve the filtration rate.

Textile auxiliaries: add some other chemicals can be formulated into a chemical slurry for textile sizing, can improve the adhesion, permeability and desizing performance, so that the fabric has spun static, reduce the sizing rate, Cloth machine breakage rate and falling objects.

Sewage treatment: When the sewage system acidic, the choice of non-ionic series of polyacrylamide is more appropriate, and inorganic flocculant poly aluminum, aluminum sulfate with the use of better in water treatment.

Metallurgical beneficiation: such as zinc, manganese, copper flotation and smelting, the leachate and residue can be into the PAM, improve sharing efficiency.

Anti-sand fixation: the non-ionic polyacrylamide dissolved 0.3% concentration by adding cross-linking agent, spray on the desert can be sand and sand.

Chemical grouting agent: 9.5 parts of non-ionic polyacrylamide plus 0.5 copies of N - methylene bisacrylamide miscible can be used as dams, foundations, tunnels and other water blocking chemical grouting agent.

Soil Moisturizer: Soil in water and sand fixation. Hillside grass, planting trees, sand sand on the dust can play a role in moisturizing agent.


1, when used, dubbed 0.1% concentration of aqueous solution to use neutral non-salt debris of water is appropriate.

2, dissolved, the non-ionic polyacrylamide evenly into the stirring water, stirring speed control in the 100 ~ 300rpm. Appropriate heating (<60 ° C), can accelerate the dissolution.

3. Adjust the pH of the treated solution to make the nonionic polyacrylamide fully functional (by selecting the optimum pH and the amount of nonionic polyacrylamide).

4, adding non-ionic polyacrylamide solution, should be accelerated with the treated liquid mixture, the emergence of flocs, slow down the stirring to facilitate the growth and accelerated sedimentation.

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