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Hydrolysis Of Nonionic Polyacrylamide

- Jul 19, 2017 -

  The difference between nonionic polyacrylamide and common polyacrylamide

  1, sewage treatment agent: When the suspended sewage acidity, the use of non-ionic polyacrylamide as a flocculant will achieve better results. nonionic polyacrylamide This is because the role of PAM adsorption bridge, so that the suspension of particles generated flocculation sedimentation, to purify the purpose of sewage. Can also be used for water purification, especially with the use of inorganic flocculants in the water treatment in the best!

  2, textile industry additives: add some chemicals can be dubbed chemical information for textile sizing.

  3, sand and sand: the non-ionic polyacrylamide dissolved 0.3% concentration by adding cross-linking agent, spray in the desert can play the role of sand and sand.

  4, soil humectants: for soil humectants and a variety of modified polyacrylamide based raw materials. The hydrolysis of polyacrylamide

  (1) Weigh the polyacrylamide weighed, nonionic polyacrylamide calculate how much water to add, can be dubbed 5% polyacrylamide solution.

  (2) Add the required additional water to the polyacrylamide and stir with the stirring bar to observe the dissolution of the polymer.

  (3) Weigh 20 g of 5% polyacrylamide solution (left for comparison), add 2 mL of 10% sodium hydroxide, put it in a boiling water bath, and raise the temperature to 90 ° C or higher for hydrolysis.

  (4) During the hydrolysis process, slowly stir, observe the change in viscosity, and check the release of ammonia (with a wide range of wet pH test paper).

  (5) After half an hour, nonionic polyacrylamide remove the beaker from the boiling water bath and the product is partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide.

  (6) Weigh the product quality, nonionic polyacrylamide add the evaporation of the loss of water, made 5% of the partial hydrolysis of polyacrylamide. The viscosity of the 5% solution before and after hydrolysis was compared.

  (7) The resulting polyacrylamide was poured into a collection bottle.

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