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Food Factory Wastewater Treatment Polyacrylamide Application

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Food factory sewage contains a lot of organic matter, the treatment of such waste water generally use cationic polyacrylamide flocculant effect is better. If the site for secondary biochemical treatment, the use of anion pam; in the sludge dewatering section to use cationic flocculant. The choice of polyacrylamide flocculant pam need to consider the molecular weight and ionic degree of polyacrylamide pam, and then through the test to determine the best model. Food plants in the use of polyacrylamide flocculant pam treatment of sewage to consider the source of the nature of the sludge, floc size, polyacrylamide pam ion degree, floc strength and other factors. Understand the source, nature, composition and solid content of the food factory sewage, you can initially determine what ionic flocculant pam. According to the requirements of the scene to deal with the requirements of the floc is larger or smaller, because the flock is too small will affect the drainage rate, too much will make the flocs to bind more water and reduce the mud cake dryness. The size of the floc can be adjusted by selecting polyacrylamide with different molecular weight flocculants. And then according to the food plant sludge dewatering filter presses used in different degrees of flocculant pam, need to be selected in the laboratory test, select the floc is more tight, stable and difficult to break the model.

In short, the food plant wastewater treatment needs to undergo a rigble test, choose the best model in order to get better solid-liquid separation effect and better sludge dewatering effect. For the treatment of wastewater from food factory Suzhou Hao promise has accumulated a large number of polyacrylamide flocculant selection and use of experience, according to the specific requirements of the use of food plants to different field technology and equipment to match the flocculant products; Food factory to choose the most suitable, cost-effective polyacrylamide flocculant products, find the most suitable for their own sewage treatment plant solutions.

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