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Field Of Water Treatment

- Oct 17, 2016 -

PAM in the water treatment industry includes the original water treatment, sewage treatment, industrial water treatment 3. In the raw water, PAM and activated carbon is used for life in the water of suspended particles condense and clarify; in wastewater treatment, PAM can be used in sludge dewatering; in industrial water treatment, primarily as a prescription pharmacy. In the raw water, use PAM instead of inorganic flocculant of organic flocculant, even if not the Reformation settlement pool, water purification capability can also be increased by more than 20%. Cities in water supply or poor water quality when PAM is used as a supplement. In wastewater treatment, use PAM can increase use of water recycling loop rates.

Oil production field

In the oil, mainly used in drilling mud materials as well as in enhanced oil recovery rate, widely used in the drilling, completion, cementing, fracturing, enhanced oil recovery and oilfield extraction operations, thickening, filtration, rheological control, gel, diversion, profile and so on. Currently, China's oil has entered the late, for enhanced oil recovery, mainly to promote technology of polymer flooding and ASP flooding. By injecting polyacrylamide in aqueous solution, improving velocity ratio of oil, production of crude oil in content, polyacrylamide in oilfield applications in foreign countries is not much, because of the special geological conditions in China, Daqing and shengli oilfields have been extensively used in polymer flooding technology.

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