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Chemical Dosing Method

- Oct 17, 2016 -

Chemical Dosing by gravitational pressure dosing and dosing, either dosing method, by the dissolved pool into the solution tank and liquid dosing shall set liquid lifting device, commonly used liquid lifting device is the metering pump and the water radiator.

1. gravity dosing

Use gravity to pharmaceutical dosing pump suction pipe or suction well water trumpet, using mixed pump impeller.

2. pressure dosing

Using pumps or water injector pharmaceutical dosing to the original pipes, suitable for pharmaceutical dosing to the pressure pipe, or needs to be added to the elevation higher, distant water structures.

3. pump dosing

Pump dosing solution the solution tank is raised in the pressure pipe, direct metering pumps and acid and thus a reinforcer.

Polypropylene n amine in using zhiqian General are needed preparation into 0.1%~0.5% of diluted solution alternate, preparation good of solution best don't store too long time only with, this concentration range of solution in using zhiqian also need near a step diluted into 0.01~0.05 of solution, reasons is can more has rib Yu flocculation gel agent in suspended system in the of dispersed, can reduced dosage, and can made better of flocculation gel effect

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