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Acrylamide Is A White Crystalline Chemical

- Jun 12, 2017 -

  Acrylamide is a white crystalline chemical, is the production of polyacrylamide raw materials. Polyacrylamide is mainly used for water purification treatment, pulp processing and pipeline coating and so on. Starch foods are prone to acrylamide at high temperatures (> 120 ° C). Studies have shown that the human body through the digestive tract, respiratory tract, skin and mucous membranes and other means of exposure to acrylamide, drinking water is one of the important contact pathways. In April 2002, the Swedish National Food Administration and the University of Stockholm researchers took the lead in reporting that acrylamide was detected in some fried and barbecued starchy foods such as french fries, fried potato chips and the like, Limited to more than 500 times. After Norway, Britain, Switzerland and the United States and other countries have also reported a similar result.

  Acrylamide is mainly formed during the cooking process of high carbohydrate, low-protein plant food heating (above 120 ° C). 140-180 ° C for the formation of the best temperature, and in the food processing before the detection of acrylamide; in the processing temperature is low, such as boiled, the level of acrylamide is quite low. Water content is also an important factor affecting its formation, especially in the final stage of baking and frying food. After the surface temperature rises, its acrylamide formation is higher; except for coffee, it decreases in the later stage of baking. The main precursors of acrylamide are free aspartic acid (representative amino acids in potatoes and cereals) and reducing sugars, both of which react with Maillard to form acrylamide. Acrylamide in food is relatively stable; but with the exception of coffee, with the storage time, acrylamide content will be reduced.

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