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Polyelectrolyte Apam or PAM Polymer for Paper Making Adhesive, Drilling Mud Chemicals, Mining and Waste Water Treatment, Swimming Pool Water Treatment

- Dec 13, 2016 -


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:HS-11

  • Kind:Flocculant

  • Producing Flow:Paper Processing Chemicals

  • Name.:Apam

  • CAS No.:9003-05-8

  • Einecs No.:203-702-7

  • Purity:90%

  • Usage:Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Residue Monomer:0.05%Max

  • Trademark:HMS

  • Specification:SGS, REACH

  • Origin:Cn

Product Description
                             anionic polymer polyacrylamide pam as flocculant
[ Properties ]

Polyacrylamide, abbreviation PAM,is a glassy solid, easy to adsorb water ; the absorbing speed are varied with different derivative ions.Polyacrylamide is soluble in water and organic solvents as acetic acid, glycol, glycerin and amine. Polyacrylamide will be decomposed after long time heating. Decomposed temperature is over 200oC. Polyacrylamide can be carbonated into black powder at 210οC without oxygen. Polyacrylamide could be made to four series,e.g., non-ion polyacrylamide, cationic polyacrylamide CPAM ,anionic polyacrylamide APAM and zwitterionic polyacrylamide.

Function Principle:
Flocculation Mechanism:

Adsorbing suspension particles, polymer chains entangle and cross-link each other to form bridging, and make flocculation structure enlarge and thicken, and has the functions of surface adsorption and electric neutralization.

Reinforcing Mechanism:

PAM molecule chain and dispersed phase form bridging bond, ion bond and covalent bond to increase combination strength. 
[ Uses ]

Polyacrylamide is an important water-soluble compound with the properties of flocculation, thickening, cut-resisting, block-reducing dispersing, etc .These properties are varied with different derivative ions.So polyacrylamide is widely used in the field of oil extraction, mining selection, coat washing, metallurgy, chemical, papermaking, sugar refining, pharmaceutical, environment protection, construction materials and agriculture as below:
1)Waste water treatment:
especially the sewage with high density, bit suspending granules, such as, the sewage of steel factory, 
electroplating factory, it has advantages of low cost and no pollution, also can be used in paper-making etc.
Used for municipal sewage sludge, municipal solid waste and industrial effluent;
2)Drilling Mud chemicals:
super-macromolecule adopted in the third oil extraction (EOR) of the oilfield.
3).Paper-making industry:
can be used as fining agent, residency agent, filtration aid and paper dry and wet intensity reinforcing agent in paper-making industry.
4)mining industry :can be used for waste water, coal washing waste water clarifier.
5)Used in Textile, Carpet Industry, Sizing, Quick-setting Cement, Synthetic Resin Coating. Photosensitive Polymers,Adhesives, Dispersing Agent, as well as Agricultural Soil Gel, Slurry Stabilizers, Soil Amendments.
[ Technical Index ]
1.Polyacrylamid powder



Non-ion polyacrylamide

Cationic polyacrylamide

Anionic polyacrylamide


White or light yellow powdery particle

White or light yellow powdery particle

White or light yellow powdery particle

Solid content≥%




Molecular weight




Free monomer ≤%




Time for water-soluble(h)




Hydrolysis rate%





Economical to use - lower dosage levels.
Easily soluble in water; dissolves rapidly.
Non corrosive of suggested dosage, economical and effective at low levels.
Can eliminate the use of alum & further ferric salts when used as primary coagulants.
Reduction in sludge of dewatering process system.

[ Storage,Transportation & Cautions ]

Polyacrylamide it self has no toxicity unless over 0.005 of polyacrylamide is absorbed that will do harm to stomach.The remains of PAM are poisonous .Strictly control the dose in food. Avoid moisture in storage & transport.

[ Package ]

25kg/bag (Powder),Internal bag is PVC film bag,external bag is plastic woven bag. Shelf life is 2 years.

We are a professional supplier of water treatment chemicals and oil field chemicals in China. We provide our customers of both traditional and innovative products to ensure optimum control in a wide variety of applications including the treatment of drinking water, wastewater, process water, and also including oil/gas drilling and oil production.

Our core products are inorganic coagulants and organic flocculants for the treatment of water and polymer, PHPA/Polyacrylamide for oil/gas drilling and EOR (enhanced oil recovery). We also supply PAC and CMC for drilling application.

We built our own plants for our products to supply competitive products to our customers in all over the world. Our development work emphasizes working together with our customers to have higher performance and lower dosage on chemicals.

Our main business is for foreign market, we provide competitive products and efficient operation according to requirements from our customers, we also provide professional application support.

We are exporting our chemicals to more than 30 countries in the world, including Europe, USA, South and Central America, South-East Asia, Middle East, CIS and etc. We have good cooperation with many chemicals companies and water treatment companies on our products in different market, and we have had good cooperation partners as agent in some important market.


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