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Polyacrylamide treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater effect of praise, by the favor of China's pharmaceutical factory

- Oct 27, 2017 -

The development of China's pharmaceutical industry is fast, we all know that polyacrylamide can often be used in the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater. And, polyacrylamide is an important pharmaceutical treatment of pharmaceutical waste, if there is no polyacrylamide, then the pharmaceutical wastewater is very difficult to deal with very clean.

       In the pharmaceutical wastewater treatment, will face a lot of difficulties, let the polyacrylamide manufacturers to tell you what are the difficulties:

       Residual antibiotics and high concentrations of organic matter in the waste water of the pharmaceutical industry make it difficult for traditional biological treatment to reach the desired treatment effect. Because of the strong inhibitory effect of residual antibiotics on microorganisms, the aerobic bacteria are poisoned and the aerobic treatment is difficult. Treatment of high concentrations of organic matter and difficult to meet the water standards, need further treatment. Therefore, in order to allow the pharmaceutical industry to deal with the waste water more clean, we need to use polyacrylamide this agent. Polyacrylamide has a good flocculation, in the pharmaceutical industry wastewater can play a huge role.

       Polyacrylamide can also play a very important role in waste water from the pharmaceutical industry alone, in many other industries that are difficult to handle.

        Bo Yuan water purification materials research strength, for market demand, directional technology development, its leading products are: polyacrylamide series; poly aluminum chloride series; polymerization of ferric sulfate series; ferrous sulfate series; environmental protection machinery and equipment series. (Note: the company can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers, with the match to match the product.)

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