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- Oct 17, 2016 -

In mining, and washing field, used PAM for flocculation gel agent can promote mining, and washing recycling water in the solid real of settlement, makes water clarified, while can recycling useful of solid particles, avoid on environment caused pollution; in sugar industrial in the, can accelerated cane juice in the fine particles of sinking, promote filter and improve filtrate of clear degrees; in farming industrial in the, can improved water, increased water of light performance, to improved water of photosynthesis; in medicine industrial in the, can as separation antibiotics of flocculation gel agent, and Assigned type of adhesive used as tablets, as well as process water clarifiers; in the building materials industry, can be used for coating thickening dispersant, stone sawing sheet metal coolant as well as ceramic bonding agent; agriculture, absorbent material used as a soil can be used as a moisturizer and seed culture agent. In the construction industry, can enhance the hardness of the plaster cement, accelerate the dehydration rate of asbestos cement. In addition, can also be used as natural or synthetic leather protective coating as well as inorganic fertilizer pellet additive.

Physical and chemical indicators:

The product commonly known as flocculants or coagulants are linear polymers, molecular weight between 30.025 billion, solid appearance: white powder, liquid is colorless viscous gel, soluble in water, practically insoluble in organic solvents. And should not dissolve at room temperature, when temperatures exceed 150 ℃ easy to decompose. Non-hazardous chemicals, toxic, non-corrosive. Solid PAM moisture absorption, flocculation, adhesion, drop resistance, thickening, while stability is good.

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