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Non-ionic polyacrylamide test index ion degree or degree of hydrolysis

- Sep 13, 2017 -

Non-ionic polyacrylamide is a kind of new high-end environment-friendly flocculant which is widely used in recent years. It makes full use of China's natural macromolecule resources Rich in the advantages of its demand areas and the demand in the continuous expansion of the use of cationic polyacrylamide on the sewage treatment can greatly save the cost of sewage treatment and improve the efficiency of sewage treatment, so that in all areas have a very perfect performance.

Cationic polyacrylamide is an important indicator of ionic degree, non-ionic polyacrylamide important indicators of the degree of hydrolysis, molecular weight and solid content, anionic polyacrylamide has three main indicators, that is, molecular weight, solid content and ionic degree, Nonionic polyacrylamide and anionic polyacrylamide are also identical. What we call polyacrylamide is the degree of hydrolysis of weak ions in polyacrylamide solution and water, the formation of weakly alkaline or weak acid capacity, or polyacrylamide aqueous solution to form weak acid strength and weak The strength of the strong.

For the stronger acidity or strong alkaline sewage treatment, the greater the degree of ionization corresponding to the stronger acid and alkali, and their degree of hydrolysis is weaker, for some soluble PAM pharmaceuticals, the degree of ionization The greater the ionization of the corresponding ions, and their degree of hydrolysis is weaker. In general, the degree of ionization, the weaker the degree of hydrolysis, on the contrary, the degree of ionization is small, the greater the degree of hydrolysis. In general, attention should be paid to the degree of ionization and the degree of hydrolysis when the concentration of ions in the acid or salt solution of acid acid ions is compared. Anionic polyacrylamide and non-ionic polyacrylamide hydrolysis degree is what we call the cationic polyacrylamide ion degree is the same concept, I hope we do not get confused.

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