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CPAM application

- Oct 17, 2016 -

Sludge dewatering agent

Activated sludge treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, biochemical sludge is often a strong hydrophilic colloidal, organic content, and very difficult to dehydration. According to the sludge can choose the corresponding cation, effective gravity before entering the filter press sludge dewatering of sludge, dehydration, Floc, nonstick cloth, filter is not dispersed, less consumption, high efficiency, mud cake moisture content below 80%.

Second, sewage and organic waste water treatment

This product showed a positive electricity in acidic and alkaline media, negative charge of suspended particles in the sewage sewage flocculation and sedimentation, clarification is extremely effective. Alcohol wastewater, brewery wastewater wastewater of monosodium glutamate, sugar plant effluent, wastewater from meat products factory, beverage wastewater, textile printing and dyeing wastewater and so on. Cationic polyacrylamide used drugs than anionic polyacrylamide, nonionic polyacrylamide effect of inorganic salts or several or dozens of times times higher. Because this kind of wastewater General with a negative charge.

Three, for river water water treatment plant water treatment flocculant

Use less, effective, and low cost. In particular and complex inorganic flocculant used better. It will be along the Yangtze River, Yellow River, huaihe River and other river basins of water of high efficiency flocculant.

Four, oilfield chemicals

Such as clay antiswelling agent, thickening agent used in oilfield acidic, and so on.

Five, paper additives

In the paper industry, cationic PAM as paper strengthening agent, which is a carbamoyl-containing water-soluble cationic polymer, inorganic ions that can be directly related to the pulp, fibers and other organic macromolecular electrostatic bridges to increase the physical strength of the paper, reducing loss of fibers or filling, speed up water, to increase retention and drainage purposes. After use can improve the strength of the paper. Can also be used for white water in the deinking process also can clear the flocculation.

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