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APAM General information

- Oct 17, 2016 -

Industrial wastewater treatment: suspended particles, and high concentrations, particle with a positive charge, neutral or alkaline PH value of the water for wastewater, steel mill wastewater, wastewater from electroplating plant, metallurgical waste, coal washing waste water sewage treatment works best. Drinking water processing: China many tap water factory of water from rivers, sediment and the minerals content high, compared turbidity, is after precipitation filter, still cannot reached requirements, need voted added flocculation gel agent, voted added volume is inorganic flocculation gel agent of 1/50, but effect is inorganic flocculation gel agent of times, for organic pollution serious of rivers water can used inorganic flocculation gel agent and cation polypropylene n amine tie using effect better. Loss of Distiller's grains of starch starch, and alcohol factories Recycle: many many starch factory wastewater containing starch, adding anionic polyacrylamide, starch particle flocculation and sedimentation and sediment filter filter into the pie, are used for fodder, alcohol alcohol can also adopt anionic polyacrylamide dehydration, filter for recycling. For settlement of river mud. For the paper dry strength agent.

Papermaking additives to help rate agent. Pump nozzles in the storage pool before the paper trace anionic polyacrylamide in water PAM-LB-3 fillers and fines are characteristically left to improve on the Internet. Can save a tonne of pulp 20-30kg. For example, produces large quantities of waste water during the washing process, directly polluting the environment, must be precipitation recycling, recycling water coal slurry, are very valuable, but by natural sedimentation, time-consuming, and water is not clear.

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